Perform multilayer time-to-depth conversions including all sources of uncertainty using UDOMORE-DEPTH


During this webinar, we will show how UDOMORE-DEPTH enables to:
  • SAVE MONTHS – by drastically reducing your turnaround time through real-time & accurate estimations;
  • SAVE MILLIONS – by Instantly, Simply and Accurately running, updating, benchmarking or re-assessing your depth & volume estimations and characterizing uncertainty on your results for better drilling decision-makings;
  • INCREASE PROFITS- by keeping a field producing more and longer than expected with your reliable results at every E&P stage.

This webinar is addressed to Geoscience & Management teams in the oil & gas industry.

UDOMORE-DEPTH allows you to perform multiple Depth estimations on multiple layers and multiple targets, including ALL sources of uncertainty, ALL-IN-ONE SINGLE RUN AND IN A FEW HOURS, NOT WEEKS OR MONTHS. This webinar is addressed to Geosciences & Management teams in the Oil &Gas industry.
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