Free on-line courses on stochastic geophysics

The stochastic approach to Geophysical problems is as game change. It brings consistent uncertainty characterization into play from pre-stack seismic processing to reservoir property prediction and well planning, delivering robust subsurface models with consistency through time and quantified uncertainty metrics. Ultimately the approach supports confident E&P decision-making and stronger capital allocation efficiencies.

The big problem with mainstream stochastic modeling is complexity (parametrization of stochastic models is exponential) and turnaround times (stochastic algorithms are difficult to parallelize). Seisquare is making stochastic modeling seamlessly accessible to Oil & Gas companies: we deliver automated and intuitive software solutions making complex technology simple, and adoptable to non-expert users. How? Through parametrization automation, interactive control points and speed.

Training and support is key to wide-spread adoption of stochastic Geophysics. The IFP on-line courses are geared to deliver an initial understanding of the approach and its benefits. Seisquare experts also deliver courses (2 days) at IFP every year. Finally, we offer on-line and on-site support & training to our software user community, for building confidence, increasing learning curves, and maximizing returns.