Time-to-depth conversion including all sources of uncertainty on multi-layer models.

Save Months

One single run and 30 minutes later to compute 2100 depth simulations including all uncertainties. (300 simulations on 7 simulated layers (out of 11) with 5 wells per layer for a Grid Size of 1 192 347 nodes)

Save Millions

market-leading stochastic technology allows consistent uncertainty characterization and enable more accurate velocity and depth predictions which lead to better drilling decision-makings.

Control on velocity modeling including all sources of uncertainty

Estimated Depth Maps


Depth Uncertainty  Maps


Depth realizations



Instantly and Easily Simulates Accurate Volumetric Estimations and automatic spill point detection for Multiple Targets.

Maximize Confidence

One single automated workflow including all uncertainties propagated from Spatial Conditioning to Volumetric Computations results in +/- 30% more accurate volumetric estimations.

Maximize Profits

Applying reliable depth predictions combined with 30% more accurate volumetric estimations on the whole E&P portfolio can lead to over 10% more barrels per dollar spent.

Probability to hit target above contact or spill point

Hydrocarbon column

Uncertainty on Hydrocarbon Column Maps

GRV Distributions Graph and corresponding Depth Maps