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Oil and Gas

UDOMORE Depth offers the possibility to compute optimized velocity models and structural depth models including the uncertainty description of the subsurface and simulations of the depth structures.The tool requires the geophysicist to think about the uncertainties of all input data (time interpreted horizons, well tops, velocities and velocity function parameters). The iterative optimization process then yields a fine-tuning of the input velocity model. At the end it produces not only depth surfaces with or without tying (adjusting) them to the well tops, but also depth uncertainty maps, interval velocity and interval velocity uncertainty maps, among others. It is also possible to simulate any number of depth surfaces in order to do statistics of volumetrics and spill point depth. To my knowledge, there is no alternative software, which is as easy to use within the Petrel platform. UDOMORE Depth makes the whole time-to-depth conversion process much faster.The saved time will outweigh the extra expenses for the software rental.
Dr. Thomas Ruehl, Senior Geophysicist, ENGIE (2016)

“UDOMORE is like a Petrel module and uses Petrel data directly. It’s a great advantage to have my velocity model “alive” in my Petrel project: I regularly adjust it and re-run it after new seismic or wells interpretation.”
Norway operations (2015)

“UDOMORE has a simple yet powerful interface with easy set-up of scenarios for estimation of gross rock volume (GRV), P10/P50/P90 depth realizations, remaining potential etc, each with further customization possibilities. Combined with its seamless integration in the Petrel environment, this makes UDMD a powerful tool for depth conversion and quantification of uncertainties.”
Norway operations (2015)

“It’s great to see my velocity model alive in Petrel”
USA operations (2015)

“UDOMORE is so simple to use that I had my first model finished and running after I hour of “on-line meeting” with Luc Sandjivy. I was completely impressed!”
Norway operations (2014)

“We recently applied the UDOMORE approach and delivered compelling results, with sometimes critical added value. From a technology standpoint, we are already convinced UDOMORE is the way forward.”
Middle-East operations (2014)

“We are really pleased with the results”
South-Atlantic operations (2014)

“The business of Oil and Gas exploration will never be the same, and it is my prediction that the statistical approach to many of the geological and geophysical problems we face will be the norm in less than a decade. Seisquare is in on the ground floor of that revolution.”
USA operations (2014)

“With UDMD, build on what Petrel can do in a way you understand and trust outputs”
Norway operations (2013)

“We drilled 15 wells using Seisquare solutions and found their predictions to be excellent”.
UK operations (2010)