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UDOMORE Multi-Target Volumetrics (MTV) provides G&G teams with seamless control and speed on reservoir volumetrics computations in the Petrel E&P platform.

Valuable at both the exploration and development stages, UDOMORE MTV:

  • Implements market-leading stochastic technology for consistent uncertainty characterization attached to volumetrics computations
  • Considers multiple reservoir geometries and target closures in a single software run
  • Delivers reliable closure maps, probability maps, GRV curves with underlying P10, P50 and P90 scenario


Consistent uncertainty characterization is critical in volumetrics computations. Computing gross rock volumes or closure probability maps derived from deterministic depth base-case scenarios induces biased estimations, and can ultimately lead to incorrect drilling decisions.

Approach: Watershed Segmentation Algorithms

Input data/parameters for defining multi reservoir geometry and target closure(s):
  • Reference seismic interpreted horizon controlling the definition of top/bottom reservoir targets : depth converted horizon (depth maps and/or multiple depth realizations)
  • Single or multi reservoir target definition; boundaries for target definition (polygon, fault trace, border line, connectivity constraints); closure above contact (multiple options including fixed or variable contact values + single or multi reservoir targets); closure above spill point.

Advanced watershed segmentation parallelized algorithms

  • Closure probability maps per target;
  • GRV expectation curves per target; (data table with GRV values and quantile per depth realisation)
  • Spill point location map per target (data table with spill point location and depth)
  • Chart with P10/P50/P90 volumes, dispersion (P10-P90/P50 %) and GRV base case position (if available), per target;
  • P10/P50/P90 maps per target (Around P10/P50/P90 ==> quantile, and number of target depth realizations)
  • Remaining GRV potential maps ranking best locations for proving addtional GRV reserves.. and more!

Consistent uncertainty characterization requires the ability to process hundreds of stochastic depth simulations, combined with multi-target reservoir definitions in a single software run. Based on multiple depth simulations from UDOMORE Depth, you are able to compute consistent volumetrics predictions on your targets with a wide range of options for reservoir geometry definition and closures. The approach uses advanced watershed segmentation algorithms to derive closure probability maps, GRV expectations, spill point localizations, associated with rational uncertainty ranges.


  • Propagate quantified uncertainty on your depth models into volumetrics computations
  • Maximize accuracy of volumetrics computations thanks to consistent uncertainty characterization
  • Save time (all outputs are computed on a scenario basis in a single software run!)

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UDOMORE stochastic workflow for reservoir structure

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